Laura, 19 | 5'3 | 132 lbs
I've started this blog to keep myself motivated. I don't want to be skinny, I want to live healthy and get fit.
I'm always happy about asks! :)


Hey there
I’m still alive, haha ;)

I’ve had some weird months since i was online here for the last time. Trouble with boys and i couldn’t work out.
But i went to see a psychiatrist (finally) and it helped me so much. I have to take antidepressants and i’m feeling better now :)
I’m at my lowest weight now, 57 kg and i feel really good about myself. Mostly because my boyfriend tells me how pretty i am every single day. It really boosts my self esteem :) i love him to death and i think i found the love of my life. He’s the sweetest and most caring person i’ve ever met.
I mean, sure, i still have problems about food (i don’t wanna lie, sometimes i think i have some kind of ed). I don’t want to eat anything with carbs and sweet food like cake or ice cream disgusts me. I’d rather eat fruit and veggies the entire day and sometimes i skip meals. I can’t even eat normal sized portions bc i feel full so quickly but i’m working on it.


i might take some pictures today and post them here (hopefully there’s progress to see)


hey guys

my life’s been a bit weird lately. i live at my grandparents now, i have two jobs at the moment and i don’t work out anymore (i hate that i can’t work out anywhere, i’m so mad about this omfg) but i still eat healthy and i’m losing weight again. maybe because i’m pretty active.

i also see a therapist because of my depression.

so much has happened :O but i still don’t have internet access at my grandparents. i’m in vienna right now, visiting my family.



Herbed Yogurt Spelt Flatbreads

click photo for recipe.

Cucumber rustic oven-fire roasted pizza!